planning your tattoo

I tattoo at Dakini Tattoo Art Collective at 1203 Snyder Ave in South Philadelphia. It is a super clean and comfortable space used by four artists. There may be up to three artists working at one time. If complete privacy is a priority, please indicate that below, and we can discuss options.

I've recently been blessed with a flood of requests for tattoos. I'm doing my best to respond to each one with my full attention. As a result new requests may not be seen for some time, but I will certainly do my best to respond as promptly as I can. 

To request an appointment, please use the form below.

If you have images you'd like to share with me that help describe your concept, you can use the web links in the form, or if the images are not hosted anywhere online, please attach your images in an email to with your Project Name in the subject line. 

Name *
Please title your project in a few words (such as: "peony," "Rumi quote," or "geometric design.")
Please describe your idea with as much detail as you can. It's no problem if your thoughts are preliminary. Tell me as much as you know, and tell me what you still want to figure out. I'm committed to offering a consultative process, and we can work together to develop your concept.
On which part(s) of your body do you imagine this tattoo? Please be as specific as possible (left or right arm, etc). If you are not sure about placement, you can write "undecided" or suggest a few options.
We can determine the exact size when you come in to the studio; however, it is helpful if you can estimate approximately the size you imagine your tattoo to be.
If you know what style you want for your tattoo, please describe it here. Your tattoo might be black and grey, realistic, traditional, neotraditional, fine line or single needle, script, or some other style. If you are not sure, please write "undecided."
When would you like to get this tattoo? Please tell me what days and times you are available. If you would like to get in as soon as possible, please write "earliest available."
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