Where do you work?

I tattoo at Frequency Tattoo Company at 4038 Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia, PA.


How do I make an appointment?

Please visit my appointments page.


I already sent in an appointment request. When will I hear back from you?

I'm accepting appointment requests all the time, but I'm responding only periodically. It might be a while before you hear back from me. I’m working on improving this system, but at the moment it is the process I’m working with.

What is the deposit policy?

When you book an appointment, you will be asked to put down a $100 deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. Each deposit confirms one appointment time, and deposits can not be transferred to any other date regardless of circumstances. Deposits can not be used by anyone other than the person who has booked the appointment. Please be sure you can make your appointment before booking.

What if I have to reschedule?

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and be asked to put down a new deposit for the new appointment time, regardless of the circumstances or the amount of notice given. Please be sure you can make your appointment before booking.

What if I have to cancel?

If you cancel your appointment, you forfeit your deposit, regardless of the circumstances or the amount of notice given. Please be sure you can make your appointment before booking.


How much will my tattoo cost?

I price each piece individually based on a number of variables, including size, intricacy, placement, and how long I think it will take me to do the tattoo. Once I have a clear idea of the design you want tattooed, as well as the placement, size, etc, I can estimate the cost.

My minimum is $100.

I don't take any additional fee for making a custom drawing for your tattoo. The only charge is for the tattoo itself. However, if you want to change the concept to another subject matter after I've started designing, or if you come up with new requirements later in the process, this additional work may be reflected in the final cost of the tattoo.


Do I need to schedule a consultation?

Most projects don't require an in-person consultation, but cover-ups, certain pieces with unique placements, and other situations may call for a consultation at the shop. If I think we need to schedule a consultation I will let you know. If for your comfort or any other reason you definitely want to have an in-person consultation, please indicate that in your appointment request form.

Can I get a design that I found tattooed?

I prefer to design the tattoos that I make, though I also tattoo designs made by clients or their friends or other designers. I also want to incorporate all of your goals, visions, and hopes for your piece into the design, so it is great if there is some conversation and collaboration in the planning process. I won't replicate a tattoo that someone else has, but I might be open to designing a custom piece based on the same subject and/or in a similar style. I will make a tattoo based on a drawing with the artist's permission.


When will I see a drawing?

I'll send you an image to review before your appointment date. My goal is to get the image to you early enough to allow for revisions as needed. You might get an image a few days before your appointment or just before your appointment date if I'm very busy.


What does the whole process look like?

You first come up with an idea for your tattoo and some idea of the style you want and placement you want on your body. Maybe you have some main ideas and some secondary ones, maybe you're open to different styles, and maybe you have a few options for placement, but come to me with however much you know about what you want to get tattooed. 

When you are ready to book an appointment*, visit my appointments page.

*some things to consider with regard to being ready to book your appointment: Do you feel emotionally and financially ready to get this tattoo? (If the piece is large and/or complex, the tattoo may be broken up in to multiple sessions, which will divide the total cost.) Will you be able to schedule time for the tattoo? (I work Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and I schedule tattoos starting at 12, 3, and 6pm.) Will you be in a good position to heal your tattoo safely? (The most common conflict is to do with swimming. You can't soak or submerge your tattoo in water for about 2 weeks while it heals. More about the healing process below.)

I review appointment submissions about once per month, and then I'll reply with a possible date for your tattoo appointment. If that works for you, I'll send you an invoice for a deposit, and when you pay the deposit, you'll confirm the appointment date/time. If that date doesn't work, you'll send me some alternatives, and I'll get back to you with another option for your appointment.

Once we book your appointment, I'll work on your drawing or design, and I'll send it to you close to your appointment date to review. You can give me feedback, and I'll make changes as needed before your appointment. I imagine that you are coming to me with an understanding of the work that I do and some degree of trust in my ability to design something you want to have on your body. Of course I want to accomplish your goals for your tattoo as well, so please help me understand how much of a vision you have for this piece. Do you have the exact image in your mind? Do you have a style that you like and you're open to me designing something in that style? Do you have a concept for the content of the tattoo and you trust me to make a design? Any of these options can work well.

The day of the appointment, you should be sure to eat something before you come in. You can bring someone with you if you want to. Some people like to listen to music in headphones; some people like to talk with me or their friend. You can bring water or something to drink and/or a granola bar or something if you want to. 

Plan to wear something that makes sense for where you are getting tattooed, and something that you don't mind getting stained. Tattoo pigment stains clothing. If you are getting tattooed on your back, a button-down shirt that you can put on backwards is ideal. If you are getting tattooed on your hip, a bathing suit that ties on the side is ideal. I work in a shared space with other artists and clients. I can set up a privacy screen if you would like to have more privacy.

When you arrive at Frequency Tattoo Co, you'll fill out a consent form in the lobby while I set up my station. Then I will bring you (and maximum one person if you have someone with you) back to the tattoo area. Then we will typically put on a stencil of the outline of the tattoo, which we can adjust and replace if we need to. Once you are satisfied about the placement, I will make the tattoo, and then I will put a bandage on your tattoo, and we will go over care instructions. 

You will receive written aftercare instructions as well as oral instructions the day of your appointment. I can describe the instructions generally here: You will take the bandage off after you get home or after two hours, whichever is longer. You will not ever re-bandage your tattoo. You'll wash your tattoo with unscented antibacterial soap, warm water, and your clean hands. Then you will let your tattoo air dry, or you can blot your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel. (I usually get a fresh roll of paper towels that I only use for my tattoo.) Once your tattoo is clean and dry and your hands are still clean and dry, apply a minimal amount of A&D ointment or Aquaphor ointment. For the first four days, repeat this process (clean, dry, and moisturize with ointment) at least 2-3 times per day. For the next ten days, repeat the same process, but moisturize with unscented skin lotion such as Lubriderm. During the healing process your tattoo will peel and maybe form scabs. Don’t pick at it or scratch it. You can exercise, run, do yoga, etc, but use good judgement and clean the tattoo afterwards. Don’t let your healing tattoo touch any shared gym equipment, or any other surface, or any other person or animal, or any bodily fluid, etc. You should keep your healing tattoo away from direct sun. Don't put sunscreen on your tattoo while it is healing, but do use sunscreen after it heals for the life of your tattoo. It is fine to get your tattoo wet in the shower, but you should not soak your tattoo in a sit-down bath, hot tub, swimming pool, or the ocean while it is healing. Continue cleaning and moisturizing your tattoo until it feels like normal skin. You can always call the shop at 267-331-8804 or email me at meticulousink@gmail.com with questions (please put AFTERCARE in the subject line so it stands out). Of course if you have any concern about possible infection you should contact your doctor. 

After your tattoo is healed, I would love to see how it looks. Please send me a picture or stop by the shop so I can see the tattoo in person. If either you or I feel it needs any touch up, I offer one free touch-up within the first year. If you post any pictures on social media please tag me @justinturkus or #justinturkustattoos.