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I tattoo at Frequency Tattoo Company at 4038 Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia.

To request an appointment, please use the form below.

I accept requests for appointments on a rolling basis, and I review appointment requests monthly. I do my best to accommodate all inquiries unless I feel the project is offensive, racist, mysoginist, or not feasible for some other reason.

Once I read your submission, I'll reply with one or more available appointment times and any relevant questions. If I think we need to schedule a consultation at the shop before your tattoo I will let you know. If for your comfort or any other reason you definitely want to have an in-person consultation at the shop, please indicate that in your description below.

Once we find a date and time for your appointment, I will schedule time to work on your design. I'll send you an image to review before your appointment date. My goal is to get the image to you early enough to allow for revision as needed. You might get an image a few days before your appointment or just before your appointment date if I'm very busy. If you need a certain minimum amount of time to be comfortable with the drawing before your appointment please let me know that.

I prefer to design the tattoos that I make, though I also tattoo designs made by clients or their friends or other designers. I also want to incorporate all of your goals, visions, and hopes for your piece into the design, so it is great if there is some conversation, feedback, collaboration in the planning process.

I price each piece individually based on a number of variables, including size, intricacy, placement, and how long I think it will take me to do the tattoo. I'll send you a price quote in my response to your submission. I don't take any additional fee outside fo the cost of the tattoo for making a custom drawing; however, if the concept changes to another subject matter after I've started designing, or if you come up with new requirements after my revisions to your initial feedback, this additional work may be reflected in the final cost. My rates are fair. I will consider interesting trades.

Thank you very much.

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On which part of your body do you imagine this tattoo? Please be as specific as possible (left or right forearm, etc).
We can determine the exact size when you come in to the studio; however, it is helpful if you can estimate approximately the size you imagine your tattoo to be.
When would you like to get this tattoo? Please describe your availability. I'm at Frequency Tattoo most Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 12-8.
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Please link to your images online or in your Google Drive or Dropbox. If you're not able to send me a link, attach your images in an email to with "Your Name References" in the subject line.