Where do you work?

I tattoo at Frequency Tattoo Company at 4038 Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia, PA.


How do I make an appointment?

Please visit my appointments page.


I already sent in an appointment request. When will I hear back from you?

I will reopen my books in early June, at which point I'll be booking appointments for July and August. You can expect to hear back from me in early June.


Do I need to schedule a consultation?

Most projects don't require an in-person consultation, but cover-ups, certain pieces with unique placements, and other situations may call for a consultation at the shop. If I think we need to schedule a consultation I will let you know. If for your comfort or any other reason you definitely want to have an in-person consultation, please indicate that in your appointment request form.


How much will my tattoo cost?

I price each piece individually based on a number of variables, including size, intricacy, placement, and how long I think it will take me to do the tattoo. My base rate for tattooing is competitively set at $120/hour. I don't take any additional fee outside of the cost of the tattoo for making a custom drawing. However, if the concept changes to another subject matter after I've started designing, or if you come up with new requirements after my revisions to your initial feedback, this additional work may be reflected in the final cost.


Can I get a design that I found tattooed?

I prefer to design the tattoos that I make, though I also tattoo designs made by clients or their friends or other designers. I also want to incorporate all of your goals, visions, and hopes for your piece into the design, so it is great if there is some conversation and collaboration in the planning process. I won't replicate a tattoo that someone else has, but I might be open to designing a custom piece based on the same subject and/or in a similar style. I will make a tattoo based on a drawing with the artist's permission.


When will I see a drawing?

Once we find a date and time for your appointment, I will schedule time to work on your design. I'll send you an image to review before your appointment date. My goal is to get the image to you early enough to allow for revision as needed. You might get an image a few days before your appointment or just before your appointment date if I'm very busy.


What is the deposit policy?

Once we find a date and time that will work, I will email you an invoice for a deposit that you can pay with a card, or you can stop by the shop to drop off your deposit. Payment of your deposit will confirm your appointment date. If after seven days after you confirm the date you haven’t paid the deposit, the appointment time will open back up to other clients. When you come in for your appointment, the amount of the deposit will come off the cost of your tattoo. If you have a multi-session piece, the deposit will go towards the last session. Deposits are not refundable. If you reschedule your appoinment with more than 72 hours notice, I will transfer your deposit to the new date. If you don’t show up, cancel your appointment, or reschedule less than 72 hours before your appointment, you forfeit the deposit.